Diligent financial audit

According to the Cypriot law, all legal entities are subject to a financial audit conducted by independent auditors, always in compliance with the local legislation, the requirements of the Central Bank of Cyprus and the tax authorities. A business audit adds credibility to a legal entity and verifies its financial statements.

The auditors of JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners can skillfully tackle any financial audit activity, such as statutory audits –according to IFRS-, due diligence and investigation audits, provide accurate tax advice , conduct bank and system audits and internal control reviews and provide meticulous reports and best practice recommendations for operational effectiveness improvement.

Leading business audit and strategic advisory services

JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners is a leading financial consulting  company providing, among others, independent corporate advisory services, integrating strategic thinking, commercial insight and implementation excellence. The auditors and advisors of JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners do not just provide business audit services, but based on their international experience, can offer vital guidance and assistance in handling complex transactions and managing cross-border taxation issues.