Trustworthy international tax planning

Tax advantages is one of the primary reasons for creating an International (offshore) legal entity. However, the adoption of specific tax-saving procedures in a foreign jurisdiction is a complicated process and this is why a valid tax planning strategy needs to be in place.

The highly qualified and experienced accountants and tax advisors of JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners can provide exceptional international tax planning services and professional tax advice for mitigating this financial burden in efficient, lawful and innovative ways.

Efficient tax planning

JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners employs certified accountants and tax advisors, with a vast international and domestic experience, as well as in depth knowledge, regarding the current tax treaties, taxation requirements for International (offshore) companies, business audit , financial consulting , tax preparation and corporate taxation . They specialize in corporate, income, capital gains, VAT taxation for local and international business entities, use of double tax treaties and international tax planning for corporate and personal needs. 

It’s of major importance that your company is placed in the hands of expert consultants who can understand the International (offshore) taxation norms of different countries, provide proper tax advice, aiming to eliminate or at least considerably minimize taxation, know the tax treaties that apply for foreign jurisdictions and, of course, provide efficient, smart and reliable tax preparation services.