Reputable corporate service provider

The corporate structure you will choose directly affects the success and profitability of your business and this is why you need a reputable corporate service provider specialized in company formation in Cyprus or other foreign jurisdictions, corporate consulting, branch and bank registration, accounting and financial practices, corporation tax mitigation, establishment of statutory records, company incorporation, provision of directors, nominee shareholders, secretaries and managers, as well as in banking and corporate advisory services.

The Cyprus based, JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners has been a trustworthy corporate service provider since 1997. Its powerful network of highly experienced business and corporate consulting experts can offer your company a wealth of International offshore professional services , which are always 100% in compliance with local laws and regulations.

International corporate consulting

The professional advisors and consulting experts of JHI Audit Kyriacou & Partners can offer comprehensive international business formation services; from company incorporation and administration to bank account opening and from corporate advisory to nominee services. 

This esteemed Nicosia Cyprus headquartered financial and consulting firm will help you develop a corporate structure, trust or any other entity, perfectly suited to your needs and objectives, either in Cyprus or in other international jurisdictions, such as Panama, Belize, Seychelles, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, Malta and the British Virgin Islands, always aiming to achieve tax savings, with important reduction on personal and especially on corporate tax.